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From: Kenny Lance, CEO

Dear Colleague,

If you are looking for a technology partner who can give you solid solutions to your computer problems without breaking the bank, look no further.

For over 30 years now, we have dedicated ourselves to finding innovative ways to provide small and medium size businesses with the same robust technical solutions and support ordinarily reserved for companies with large IT staffs and budgets.

As a prospective customer, I invite you to sign up for a FREE Problem Prevention Security Audit to try out our services at no cost or risk to you.

This audit will not only help you speed up and protect your network from spam, viruses, and hackers, but it will also dramatically increase employee productivity by reducing inappropriate end-user abuse of the Internet and e-mail.

While you’re here, you also might want to review just a few of the comments our clients have made.

I’d also recommend that you review our “Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Chose Us For Your Next IT Project” so you can see why so many companies and IT Managers trust us to give them the support they need.

Good Networking,

Kenny Lance, CEO
NetBase Technologies