Three Key Benefits to Managed Services

1. Predictable Monthly Cost. Managed service agreements provide a fixed monthly charge for IT services rather than unexpected hourly charges.

2. Goals are better aligned. Both the service provider and the customer now have common goals under Managed Service arrangements. Both do not want any problems or downtime.

3. Better Security and Efficiency. Since the service provider has now committed to a fixed monthly charge, they will do whatever it takes to make sure the customer has zero problems. This includes ramping up security as part of the agreement to insure that malware does not penetrate the network. Monitoring software is installed on each device to proactively deal with potential problems before they become serious. Under the old break fix arrangement, a single malware intrusion could result in a very large unexpected hourly bill.

Managed service agreements provide clear benefits for both parties involved. They create a stable and predictable working relationship as well as providing for superior service.

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