Why your Network Security needs to be Managed

According to a study carried out by Panda Labs, based on 1.5 million users, 95 percent of companies have anti-virus installed on their networks. Yet 72 percent have had malware on their networks. Many users are infected without knowing it. This means that traditional protections are not enough for meeting small business security needs. Malware has become more complex and much of it goes undetected.

What is needed in today’s environment is Endpoint Security or more specifically Managed Endpoint Security. The ingredients include:

> Anti-virus/Spyware
> Anti-Spam
> Firewall
> Intrusion Prevention
> Centrally managed quarantine
> Content filter
> Real time alerts
> 24/7 Monitoring

Malware is coming at you from all directions. Putting one simple lock on the door isn’t going to protect you.

In addition, simply putting protections in place and not monitoring them 24/7 will not work either. Things get turned off accidental or fail on occasion. Security is not a “set it and forget proposition”.

More and more devices(Endpoints) are being brought into the workplace every day. A comprehensive and centrally managed approach is required to deal with the challenge.

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