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Client Testimonials

Our Clients Speak Out:

“I’m certain we’re going to be a client for life.”


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“Kenny was the technical support for our accounting software, so our paths crossed there. Over the years I’ve become more and more dependant on Kenny and the team at NetBase, and now I use them exclusively as my “go-to” back up IT guys for new technologies, special projects, hardware purchases, and general support. I know when I talk to David, Brad or the other technicians at NetBase that they know what they are talking about. Kenny makes sure his staff is well-trained and it shows. Plus, they’ll take time to sit down with me and show me what’s going on, walk me through the steps of how they are resolving problems, and explain what’s going on. They certainly aren’t trying to protect their turf by keeping me out of the loop. That’s a great benefit to me because it makes me a better IT manager for the company. I would recommend using NetBase to anyone, and I’m certain we’re going to be a client for life. My only wish is that I had them here more often!”

Kevin Kammerdeirner, IT and Civil Design Specialist, Environmental Management Services

“NetBase is a cut above every other technology consulting group we’ve ever worked with before.”


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“I’m a very tough customer but Kenny and the team at NetBase has consistently exceeded my expectations. I don’t use Kenny just because he’s local, but because he does excellent work. One thing that sets NetBase apart from other IT consulting firms is their commitment to exceed your expectations and keep you happy. They don’t nickel and dime you over every small change because they are more concerned about doing a great job for you. All IT projects change as they develop; but NetBase doesn’t use that as a reason to hike the project rates and charge you additional fees – I’ve never had them charge me more because I didn’t initially anticipate something in a project, even though they technically had the right to. To me, that demonstrates their commitment to me as their customer and the high integrity standards they stand for as a company.”

Sean Farrell, Assistant Director, Hattiesburg, Petal, and Forrest County Library

“We lost all of our data…but NetBase saved us from complete devastation!”

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“We made the unfortunate mistake of hiring an incompetent consulting firm to upgrade our network. After spending well over $10,000, they not only lost all of our data, but they didn’t even complete the upgrade we had paid them for. The only good that came out of this mess was that we found Kenny and the team at NetBase Technologies. Thanks to them, we were able to recover almost all of our data and have our network up and running with zero problems. The difference is night and day! Their technicians are super friendly and they never make me feel stupid for not understanding how the technology works. Better yet, they keep their commitments and delivered everything they promised on time and on budget. Even after hurricane Katrina, NetBase was here onsite the very next day which I certainly didn’t expect…you can’t beat them for service!”

– Kristy Locke, D&J Development

“We were amazed at their ability to put together a technical team to pull that project off. Their work was impressive.”

We chose NetBase Technologies to assist us in the installation of our server farm even though I had attended some Citrix training ( Citrix Metaframe for Windows Administration) and had previously installed Citrix Winframe on a smaller scale. I felt there would be nuances involved in the installation and licensing issues that documentation might not elaborate on or that the class did not teach.

This proved to be the case. With the assistance of NetBase, I was able to make wise decisions on the initial configuration and growth pattern for my Citrix implementation. Through the knowledge transfer I received from NetBase, I have been able to double the size of my server farm and maintain it without further outsource needs.

I chose to use an authorized Citrix service provider to assist me for 2 reasons: 1) Their knowledge and expertise, 2) Their access to Citrix support if needed. I chose NetBase as the provider because they are local and have a very quick response time. I can get in touch with them anytime something goes awry and they are quick and accurate in delivering a solution.”

Jerry Robinson , Network Administrator, Hattiesburg Clinic

“NetBase has provided network support for our office for over 15 years. They have always been ultra responsive and knowledgeable. We really enjoy working with their staff”

Johnny Ferrell , President, Montague, Sigler, & Ferrell

“I used to get calls all the time from users complaining about getting a computer virus from e-mail. Since implementing Barracuda e-mail filter, I don’t get any more of those calls. Barracuda’s e-mail filter stops the virus at the gateway before it gets into our network. Plus, it filtered over 1000 spam e-mails just this past weekend.”

Andy Mercier, Vice-President, The Merchants Company

“We were getting bombarded with SPAM e-mail every day. After implementing Barracuda’s e-mail filter, my SPAM count went from over 100 to maybe 6 a day. It’s a very user-friendly program in which I can easily block a specific e-mail address or block by key words like ‘lose fat’ or ‘guaranteed credit approval’. I can also block all executables which prevents my users from opening a virus. Since implementing Barracuda’s Internet content filtering software, I don’t have to worry anymore about what my employees are doing on the Internet. I can restrict certain sites by computer or by username. It has taken a lot of worry off of management’s mind.”

Steve Lack , Information System Manager, Laurel Machine and Foundry

“We first called NetBase to fix a problem we thought we were having with our server because everyone’s computer was unresponsive and running slow. Their quick on-site audit revealed the real problem; one of our FEMALE employees was downloading massive porn files on company time. Thanks to their audit we got our network up and running again but more importantly, avoided a potential lawsuit waiting to happen.”

Company Identity Protected

“About four years ago we hired Netbase Technologies to install and maintain our network computer system. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made. During that time we have had less than 10 hours of downtime. That’s an incredible average of 2.5 hours per year. Because of this, we are able to continuously keep orders shipping and provide timely response to customer inquires. Plus we get the added benefit of happy and productive employees because they are able to get their work done on time without interruption.”

Ed Marshall, CEO Orleans Furniture Company