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Southeast Mississippi Rural Health Discovers The Secret To Better
Patient Care

“NetBase is constantly making suggestions to help us save money and time, or to simply make better decisions about our network.”

Hope Braley, Director of Finance, Southeast Mississippi Rural Health

When you think of better patient care, the last thing that comes to mind is a computer network. However, the staff at South Mississippi’s Rural Health Clinic are finding that a cohesive, reliable, and secure network is going a long way to helping them provide the best care possible for their patients.

Why Their Current Network Had To Go

“We have been using NetBase for all of our networking needs since 1998; but Kenny and the team at NetBase really came through for us when the suggested that we connect all of our locations together via a Wide Area Network,” says Hope Braley, Director of Finance for Southeast Mississippi Rural Health Clinic. “Today our clinic has multiple offices. Before Kenny straightened us out, our administrative network was a patchwork of various types of software and hardware that we added on over the years as our practice grew, which made it increasingly difficult to share information and documents,” she continued, “but now we have consistency throughout the organization which makes it much easier to get our work done and ultimately, help our patients.”

Now Patient Files Are More Secure Than Ever

In addition to the network upgrade, NetBase has also installed anti-virus protection, strict security measures, system back ups, and privacy protection for the clinic’s patient files and documents. “Obviously we take client confidentiality very serious and want to make absolutely certain we are meeting the strict HIPAA regulations,” says Hope, “Thanks to NetBase, we can rest easy knowing our network is protected from viruses, data loss, and hackers.”

No More Calling California For Software Support

In addition to their administrative network, NetBase has also helped support the practice management software that runs their clinic. This software organization, Quality Systems Inc., is based in California which means they can’t always reach someone right away when they run into a problem.

“NetBase took it upon themselves to learn everything they could about this program so they could provide us with support when we needed it,” says Hope, “I love the fact that I can call the guys at NetBase and get quick answers to problems I’m experiencing instead of relying on the California office.”

New “Thin Client” Network Frees Up Money For Better Patient Care

The most recent IT project was the installation of a terminal server in their newest location. This “thin client” network uses “smart” terminals to allow the employees to work off of the main office network instead of having to purchase their own dedicated server and expensive, “fat” client workstations. This new solution has saved the clinic a considerable amount of money freeing up dollars that can now be used for better patient care and the improvement of the facilities.

“The team at NetBase is so incredibly knowledgeable and professional. You can give them and scenario or problem and they can work it out for you,” says Hope. “They don’t wait until we have a problem to make suggestions that will help us. Obviously we don’t have the time to stay on top of every new technology advantage, but with NetBase working for us, we don’t have to. They make sure we know about the important upgrades and technologies that will help us run a better clinic. I wouldn’t think of using anyone else!”

Want to learn how NetBase can help your medical or dental practice? Call Kenny Lance at 601-264-1606 ext 101.