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South Group Insurance Discovers How To Limit Their Legal Risk And Gain Incredible Peace of Mind Thanks To Surf Control Content Filtering

“Now that we have Surf Control installed, we have incredible peace of mind knowing that our employees can’t access or distribute offensive material-accidentally or intentionally.”

Johhny Ferrell, Vice President, SouthGroup

Next to an attorney, no one knows legal risks better than an insurance company. That’s why SouthGroup Insurance, headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi, made sure they were doing everything possible to limit their liability against inappropriate employee usages of the Internet and e-mail.

One Less Thing To Worry About

“Our company relies heavily on the Internet and e-mail to do our job. With 17 locations, we have a lot of employees to keep track of. That’s why we decided to implement Surf Control,” says Johnny Ferrell, Vice President of SouthGroup Insurance, “Now that we have this software installed, we have incredible peace of mind knowing that our employees can’t access or distribute offensive material-accidentally or intentionally.”

Employees Are Not Able To Engage In Inappropriate Activities

Surf Control is a web and e-mail filtering software that prevents employees from visiting pornographic web sites, engaging in online gambling, shopping, or other productivity killing or inappropriate online activities during work hours. It also monitors employee e-mails for offensive jokes, pictures, or even confidential company information, and prevents those e-mails from being sent.

Avoid The Cost and Bad Publicity Of A Lawsuit

“As a business owner, the last thing you want is a lawsuit for sexual harassment from an employee viewing pornography, or for viewing and sending off-color jokes that would offend people. Not only will it cost you thousands in legal fees, but the bad publicity can destroy a company,” says Kenny Lance, President of NetBase Technologies. “That’s why we recommend business owners install Surf Control. It is a very reasonably priced software that does an excellent job of keeping your employees in line during work hours and when using company resources.

Inappropriate Employee Behavior Is On The Rise

According to SexTracker.com, 70% of all Internet porn traffic occurs during the 9-to-5 workday and 27% of Fortune 500 companies have been accused of sexual harassment stemming from inappropriate e-mail or Internet usage. Thirty-four percent (34%) of companies have had to reprimand or discipline employees for inappropriate web behavior. Inappropriate web sites such as hate groups, gambling sites, and sites containing pornographic content should be banned for obvious reasons. However, music download sites, chat rooms, and personal ad web sites should also be banned to prevent employees from spending hours on personal, non-work related activities.

Increase Employee Productivity Instantly

“The Surf Control software is also a great productivity enhancement tool,” says Johnny, “We don’t have to worry that our employees are taking company time to plan their next vacation, download music, or shop for a new job. Surf Control monitors it all for us with no manual labor or uncomfortable confrontations.”

Why SouthGroup Trusts NetBase

“We’ve been using Kenny since 1988 and highly recommend his services. Kenny and his staff are prompt, knowledgeable, and he have never misled us or given us bad advice,” continues Johnny, “the Surf Control product is a perfect example of that. It works great and we are very glad we took Kenny’s advice.”

Want to learn how NetBase can help your insurance company? Call Kenny Lance at 601-264-1606 ext 101.