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International Filing Company Discovers How To Run A Lean and Mean IT Department Thanks To NetBase

“I called all of the references they gave us plus a few that they didn’t and I just could not get a bad reference. That was several years ago and I’ve never regretted hiring NetBase since.”

– JL Breazeale, IT Manager, International Filing Company

When the owners of International Filing Company told J.L. Breazeale, their IT Manager, that they wanted to run a “lean” IT department, they weren’t kidding.

“When we first started out, we were a much smaller company. Then about 2 years ago our company joined forces with 3 other manufacturing plants under the International Filing Company name. Since we were the only plant that had a dedicated IT department, we were made the official IT department of the entire company which quadrupled the number of locations and users needing support overnight,” says J.L.

With 20 sales people on the road and 235 users to provide network and help desk support in 4 different locations, J.L. knew he didn’t have the manpower or resources to get it all done. That’s when he called on the team at NetBase Technologies.

Everything Needed To Be Upgraded And Connected

At the time, International Filing was running on very old network servers and didn’t have e-mail services; so one of the first things they had to do is install new network servers at each and ever facility. They also needed to set up ADP for payroll, and had to move two Citrix servers to their location that was running various applications at one of the new manufacturing sites. “We didn’t know anything about Citrix so we definitely needed someone with expertise in that area,” says J.L.

Because this was a high profile project that absolutely needed to be done right and without delays, J.L. did extensive research before deciding to award the project to NetBase.

I Couldn’t Find A Bad Reference!

“We chose NetBase for several reasons. First, their price was one of the lowest. Second, they were a local company that had a good, solid reputation and longevity in the market. But the main reason I chose NetBase over all of the other vendors is because of what their clients had to say about them. In their proposal they provided several references. I called all of the references they gave me plus a few that they didn’t and I just could NOT get a bad reference.

“Everyone I spoke to gave me the same story: NetBase does a great job, gives honest, reliable service, and when the chips are down, they’ll be there,” said J.L., “and now that I’ve been working with them for quite some time, I can honestly say the same thing. Their response time is, and continues to be, just phenomenal.”

“It doesn’t matter when I call – it can be the end of the day on Friday, a weekend, or in the middle of the week – they always respond immediately to my call. I’ve even gotten e-mail responses from David Purser, their Senior Engineer, at 4am in the morning!”

Free Training Is Yet Another Added Bonus

In addition to fast response times, the technicians at NetBase turn every problem into an opportunity to teach J.L. and his team how to become more self reliant. “We have probably gotten the equivalent of a solid week of training on Citrix from the guys at NetBase,” continued J.L.

“Whenever we have a Citrix related problem that we can’t solve, we call NetBase. Not only do they fix the problem immediately, but they also explain how they did it and how they went about resolving the issue so we can do it ourselves the next time it happens. This helps us to build our knowledge base internally and the users get the support they want,” said J.L. This type of training also lowers International Filing Company’s overall network support costs considerably.

Dedicated Network Support Enables International Filing To Run A “Lean and Mean” IT Department

Since the initial network upgrade, NetBase has installed several other solutions such as enterprise wide security, anti-virus protection, spam filtering, as well as providing on-going network support.

“NetBase offers a really neat deal that allows us to purchase blocks of time in advance for a discount. I take advantage of that and have also signed up for their maintenance agreement where one of their technicians comes on site and goes through each and every server with a checklist to make sure that all of the updates are there and that everything is running as it should. Kind of a network health check,” said J.L.

“This really gives me great peace of mind knowing that the basic maintenance is getting done and frees my time up to take care of more urgent and pressing issues.”

The team at NetBase has been serving J.L. since 1996 and feel as though he’s become part of the NetBase family. “J.L. is a great client and we truly appreciate serving him,” says Kenny Lance, founder and President of NetBase, “We know the key to success in any business is to keep your clients happy. That means keeping your promises and delivering services and products above and beyond what the client expects.”

Want to learn how NetBase can help your manufacturing or distribution business? Call Kenny Lance at 601-264-1606 ext 101.