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Email Solutions

8 Big Benefits Of Bringing Your E-mail
In House That Your ISP Doesn’t Want
You To Know

Want to stop paying your ISP for multiple e-mail accounts? Stop spam? Want to be able to access your e-mail from anywhere? Need faster Internet service? Just need help making sense of it all?

If so, we can help. For 27 years, we have helped hundreds of small and mid-size businesses to set up secure and reliable e-mail solutions for their business. Here are just a few of the popular services we offer:

In-House E-mail Without The High Costs

In addition to saving ISP costs, you’ll get advanced e-mail features such as shared calendaring, collaboration, support for mobile users and wireless access plus:

  • Get your own company name on your e-mail: email@your-domain-name.com
  • Eliminate file size limitations on your in-box which force you to delete important e-mails and purge your inbox. You’ll also be able to receive large e-mail files that your ISP would bounce.
  • Save hundreds or thousands of dollars on ISP fees while getting advanced calendaring, collaboration, and messaging features your ISP doesn’t provide.
  • Prevent your ISP’s spam filter from blocking important, non-spam e-mails you need to receive.
  • Make it easier to set up new e-mail accounts.
  • Bullet-proof your network from viruses, Trojans, spam, or other cyber criminals.
  • Receive your e-mail through digital cell phones, pagers, or wireless PDAs.
  • Have better control over your employees e-mail and prevent them from accidentally (or intentionally!) sending illegal, inappropriate, or confidential information.

Remote E-mail & Network Access

If you have employees that work from home, in remote offices, or that travel extensively, we can set up a VPN or virtual private network that will allow them secure access to their e-mail from any web browser, laptop, Blackberry pager, or Pocket PC.

Security, Virus Protection, And SPAM Elimination

E-mail is the most common way for viruses and hackers to enter your network so it’s absolutely critical to make sure your have the proper virus and security measures in place. Our senior technicians can conduct audits on your current system to uncover vulnerabilities and implement security systems to ward off even the most malicious hackers and viruses.

We also set up smart solutions that eliminate your not-so-delicious spam without interfering with legitimate e-mails and newsletters you WANT to get.

We also specialize in:

  • Webservers & web hosting services
  • E-mail servers
  • Firewalls and Security Solutions

Free 45 Minute Consultation Gets You Started Now

Thin-client computing is quickly gaining acceptance because of its ability to solve some of the most vexing IT To find out how we can solve some of your biggest e-mail problems, simply fill in the form below.

We’ll arrange for you to have a complimentary 45-minute consultation with our senior technicians to provide “Plain English” answers to your toughest questions about brining e-mail in house, filtering spam and viruses, or simplifiying e-mail administration and security.

Yes! Please sign me up for a complimentary 45-minute consultation with a Senior Technician. I understand I am under no obligation to do or buy anything.

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