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Local and Wide Area Networks

When You Need More From Your
Network Than A Bunch of Computers
Wired Together

For most companies, computers and technology represent a major investment.

However, most small business owners make the mistake of turning over this critical element of their business to some computer guy that is willing to work cheap because they want to focus their time on other aspects of their business that they enjoy or understand better.

The problem is, 9 out of 10 computer consultants and firms either don’t have the skill or just don’t care if your computer network actually contributes to the profitability and productivity of your organization.

Most are glamorized computer repair guys that don’t get paid to help you deliver your products and services at a higher quality and lower cost. They don’t get a bonus if they implement technology that will lower your overall IT and technology spending. And most want to keep you in the dark about what they are doing to ensure their own job security.

That’s why most small businesses end up with a “patchwork” computer network that is costly to operate, slow, unstable, and unreliable at best.

NetBase Technologies is the only IT consulting firm in the South Mississippi area that builds computer networks to support our customer’s business goals.

Whether you are the IT manager needing help on a big project or a small business owner needing regular computer maintenance, we guarantee our work will be on budget, on time, and done right the first time.

We are also the only computer consulting firm that can integrate ALL of your technology such as phone systems, document management, Internet, security, e-mail, and remote connectivity to produce higher levels of cost savings, efficiency, and competitive advantages.

If you want to make sure you’re getting maximum value from every dollar spent on the technology that runs your business then give us a call.

We specialize in upgrades, troubleshooting, or new installations for:

  • LANs (Local Area Networks)
  • WANs (Wide Area Networks)
  • VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)

Free Security Audit Gets You Started

As a prospective customer, we offer a complimentary security audit to pin-point where you are most vulnerable to virus infection, hacker attacks, and data loss. We’ll also show you how to stop spam from eating up your network resources without interfering with legitimate e-mails you want to receive.

To sign up for a free, no-obligation security audit, fill in the form below:

Yes! I want to stop spam and bullet-proof my network from viruses, hackers, and data loss. Please send me more information about your FREE security audit:

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