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Satellite Internet

Important Breakthrough For Companies Who Absolutely MUST Have Phone, E-mail and Internet Access 24/7/365, OR Companies Who Need Internet Access To Remote Locations Where DSL and Cable Won’t Go:

New Satellite-Based Internet Connection Allows Companies To Maintain Phone, E-mail, and Internet Connections Even After The WORST Hurricanes, Storms, Floods, and Other Disasters — AND Provides Internet Access To Remote Offices

Thanks to a new breakthrough in broadband Internet technology, we are now able to provide our clients with a reliable backup to phone, e-mail, and Internet connectivity that cannot be shut down by hurricanes, floods, or other natural disasters.

Satellite Internet does not use telephone lines or cable systems, but instead uses a satellite dish for two-way (upload and download) data communications. Upload speeds vary from 200 kbps to 512 kbps, and download speeds vary from 1000 kbps to 2048 kbps.

Your Phone and Internet Won’t Go Down!

While the destruction of New Orleans made headlines around the world, many areas in Mississippi also suffered from the same fate. Businesses in and around Hattiesburg—which was not one of the worst areas affected—were without phone and Internet access for days, even weeks.

That is why we are so excited to offer satellite connectivity to our clients; it provides a backup to their main DSL, cable, or phone lines during an outage, and it’s the only option for phone and Internet when poles, towers, and other land-based communication lines get knocked out.

Goes Where DSL And Cable Won’t!

Another benefit of satellite Internet access is that it will allow you to have Internet, phone, and e-mail communications to remote locations where DSL and cable aren’t available.

For example, Denbury Resources recently invested in this technology so they could have Internet access at various locations where they monitor and process gas and oil. For them, satellite is the only way to have broadband Internet connectivity to these locations.

What Type Of Company Is Satellite Best Suited For?

There are two types of companies this is designed for. The first are companies that cannot afford to be without phone and Internet connectivity after a natural disaster or terrorist attack. This would include hospitals, civil defense agencies, and “safe places” like churches.

As stated above, this is also ideal for companies with remote locations where other broadband access options such as DSL, frame relay, private line, or cable aren’t available.

Are There Any Downsides To Satellite?

Satellite can be a great option for some companies, but it’s not a perfect option for everyone. Just like satellite TV, your connection may have some interference during a storm, but once the storm is over, you’ll be up and running when other networks are down. Satellite also costs more to install than cable or DSL.

That’s why we recommend it as a backup to your main cable or DSL connection. Of course, if cable or DSL is not available, it may be your only solution.

Client Success Story:

“Through Katrina as our communication lines went down, we had nothing to communicate with other than ham radio,” said Bobby Strahan, MCEM, Director of Pearl River County EMA. “As far as Internet access, fax or phone, we couldn’t operate. When everything calmed down after Katrina, we knew we had to have a backup plan. We knew we couldn’t find ourselves without communication again,” said Strahan.

“We are confident that the system will meet our needs if we ever go down again,” said Strahan. “We tested it in a pretty good thunderstorm recently and it did well. It stayed up and kept right going. Even when the television satellite went down, this one stayed up. It was money well spent – definitely well worth it. This new system has given us a reassurance,” said Strahan.

Learn More About Satellite Internet Access For Your Business

To talk to one of our senior network engineers about satellite-based, high-speed Internet for your business, fill in the form below. We will gladly set up a free consultation to discuss the pros and cons of satellite Internet, the costs involved, and other options available to your company.

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