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Thin Client Server Based Computing

New “Thin-Client” Technology Helps You Cut The Fat Out Of Your IT Spending

Thin-client computing is quickly gaining acceptance because of its ability to solve some of the most vexing IT problems facing business owners today:

  • The on-going costs of maintaining and upgrading technology.
  • The strain on your in-house support staff.
  • Data privacy and security.
  • Providing secure network access to remote and mobile employees.

What Is Thin-Client Computing?

Thin-Client Computing is a model where software applications (like Word, Excel, and Outlook) and your data are stored on a central server instead of on each end-users’ machine.

The end-user then accesses applications and their data through almost any type of computing device (the “Thin-Client” itself) which can be a monitor, laptop, palm device, and so on.

On a traditional computer network like the one you currently have (also called client-server architecture), you have a server that may store and back up the files, but the use of applications like Word and Excel rely on the stability and performance of the PC itself to operate.

This type of traditional architecture is what has resulted in the well-worn path of expensive upgrades and replacements of PCs (also called “fat” clients) to run the latest versions of everyday office applications. These “fat” clients in turn also need “fat” (or expensive) connections to the servers.

Contrary to this, thin-client architecture keeps all of the work of running applications on the servers so inexpensive devices can be used to access applications and data. This also makes for easier network administration freeing your IT staff from performing redundant maintenance and low-level end user support tasks.

This is why Thin-Client computing results in considerable cost savings in hardware, software, bandwidth, and IT support.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Benefits Of Thin-Client Technology:

  • Cut your technology costs from 30% – 80% by eliminating the need for “fat” (expensive) client computers and servers.
  • Free up your IT staff for more strategic work by eliminating a number of low-level end-user support issues and problems. Most problem-solving can be performed remotely without having to go on-site through a feature called “shadowing”. Note: dealing with end-user issues accounts for as much as 70% of the average IT administrator’s time.
  • Virtually eradicate virus threats, data loss, and security breeches. After all, which makes more sense: keeping your valuable data on PC hard drives scattered around the world or keeping that data in a central data center where it’s managed, backed up, redundant, and accessible to users through a secure Internet connection from anywhere?
  • Provide secure, reliable access to your network for remote offices, work from home employees, and employees that are frequently on the road.
  • Improve the reliability of your network and reduce unexpected downtime and costly problems.
  • Dramatically increase the speed of your network and the productivity of your workers.
  • Stop end-users from getting themselves – and your company – in trouble through unauthorized applications and downloads.

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